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Since 1995, Ramuta’s Resoles has provide the highest level of service and quality for rock climbing shoe repair. John Ramuta is a third-generation cobbler. His apprenticeship started in 1986 while working in his father’s shop. John began resoling rock climbing shoes in 1995 after discovering climbing. He studied under one of the best Canadian cobblers and after a year of experimentation with bonding methods and cements, along with rigorous testing by local climbers, Ramuta’s Resoles was born.

The cobbling trade has been in my family for three generations. It all started with my grandfather who came from Slovenia and opened a full-service shoe repair shop and began making shoes in Seattle, Washington. My father was an apprentice in the shop for many years until my grandfather passed away. I eventually started to work with my father in the mid 80’s. My father was very much a perfectionist and would expect nothing less from me or his crew. I repaired everything from cowboy boots to ballet slippers.
The 90’s proved challenging for me; I discovered my addictive personality and needed a healthier addiction. I turned to running and hiking and really started to enjoy the outdoors. I became fascinated with Mount Rainier for some reason and decided I needed to climb it. I had never climbed a day in my life. I wanted to learn how to climb it, not be taken up by a guide, so I took the Seattle Mountaineers climbing course. By the end of summer I had climbed Rainier and also learned how to rock climb during the class. When people found out I was a cobbler, they would always ask me if I repaired climbing shoes. So, out of sheer curiosity, I started repairing climbing shoes.
I love what I do.  I love the work, the foundation of recycling in a throwaway society, giving life back to somebody’s stinky old shoes they can’t live without, and most of all the climbing community.  All this adds up to make me want to provide a quality service for you.  My business has grown exponentially by word of mouth only, so I would like to think I’m doing something right.  Send me your shoes and let me show you what I can do.

Competitive Prices



It’s safe to say we can repair pretty much anything in regards to climbing and approach shoes for an affordable price.  Most of our business is repairing the rand and half sole of climbing shoes but we are capable of fixing much more.  Patching holes, sewing busted seams, and pull tab replacement are the sprinklings of sugar on top of already sweet repairs.  If you’re not sure your shoes can be revived, give us a call or shoot us a line with your question and we can steer you in the right direction.

Rock Shoe Repair.

Half sole is by far the most common repair we do. With that being said, it is also the repair that most climbers wait too long to get repaired leading to a half sole repair, patch hole repair, and/or rand repair (see below for descriptions). This means you spend more money; it’s just something that can be avoided. We recommend sending your shoes in before you can see the leather upper. A good rule of thumb to avoid the added expense is when the sole of the shoe gets worn down to the rand, it is time for you to send your shoes into us.

Rand repair is the second most common repair we do. Most half soles will need a rand repair due to the sole wearing down so much that it goes to the rand, essentially thinning the rand rubber or putting a hole in it. Unlike the half-sole, being a solitary repair, repairing the rand requires us to grind the sole off the shoe to remove the old rand and replace it with the new. Thus we have to replace the sole. Sort of a ‘gotcha’ type of repair, but we wouldn’t do it unless it was necessary.

You wouldn’t really think of pull tabs unless you were in the outdoors getting ready to go climbing and they ripped while you were putting on your shoes. You then realize it is no fun putting on shoes without pull tabs, especially climbing shoes. So no need to fret; if your ‘two-size-too-small’ shoes pull tabs are broken, we’ve got you covered.

We can patch a hole anywhere on the shoe, but most holes tend to show up on the inside edge of the shoe due to wearing the shoes while climbing in them past the time, they need to be repaired. Not a problem. We have leather and synthetic materials to patch those pesky holes. Give us a call or shoot us a line if the hole is bigger than a dime.

Approach Shoes.

We carry quality rubber from 5.10 (discontinued) and Vibram. Both companies offer soft and firm versions of their rubber. Typically softer rubber is better for friction and firm is better for edging. We use the following rubber:

  • 5.10 C4 Stealth (soft) (discontinued)
  • 5.10 Stealth Onyxx (firm) (discontinued)
  • Vibram XS Grip (soft)
  • Vibram XS Edge (firm)

After your approach shoe repair, you will be back in the outdoors and climbing in no time!

Birkenstock Repair.

After a time your Birkenstocks will need a repair. With a full resole, we would replace the whole sole of your shoe with quality rubber.

A Recraft is similar to resole where we, replace the whole sole of your shoe with quality rubber. Then we would replace the footbeds which is the part of the shoe that your physically stands on it covers the mid sole of the shoe and usually is composes of a quality leather. This shoe repair will make your next climbing adventure feel like you are wearing a new pair of shoes.

Each climbing shoe has a heel cup and a rubber toe box, after intense physically climbing they will be in need of a repair. If the outside of the heel cup is damaged it will not be as useful for heel hooking or fit as well until a repair has been made to the shoe. Any climbing shoe that is worth while will fit tightly and have support on the toe of the shoe. A climbing shoe preforms best with little or no space in the toe box, this will need to be repaired after eventually being worn down.

Let Us Fix Your Climbing Shoes

Repair Form


Most shoes we receive need a half resole and rand repair. The rand is the thin rubber above the sole that protects the upper part of your shoe. If it has a hole or is getting really thin and distorted then it will need a rand patch. The rand wraps under the sole so if we need to do a rand patch we also have to do a half resole. If your rand is fine then all you will need to do is replace the sole. Most customers leave the decision up to us, we will not do a rand repair unless it is needed.

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  1. Please print out the email that was sent after filling out the form in step 2. Attach the print out and place within shipment. Include a the payment if using check or money order. If not, your credit card will be charged the estimated amount or will receive a call if further repairs are necessary.
  2. Package shoes securely in a box with the following address below. Please write the RMA number under the address. Use this number when contacting us with any inquiry.

    Ramutas Resoles
    6015 Greenfield Loop
    Helena Montana 59602
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  3. Use USPS/Fedex/UPS with a valid tracking number. We will not be held accountable for any lost shipments.
  4. Ship the shoes and we will keep you in contact with anything extra we find.



Contact Us

Call or Visit us at:

6015 Greenfield Loop
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(406) 465-0494   —   Current Turn Around of 6 Weeks

If you haven’t found the answers you are looking for in regards to climbing shoe repair, We would be more than happy to answer your questions about anything; repair process, estimated return times, etc.
We are conveniently located in the middle of nowhere, otherwise known as Helena, Montana. Most wouldn’t think it, but the climbing in the greater Helena area is superb and remote, so we sort of like it here. If you find yourself up here to do some climbing and your kicks need some professional attention, we welcome walk-ins.